The REV is invited to a TEA Party rally (VIDEO)

TEA Party Bob

The not-so-reverend bob visits the TEA Party Protest on "Tax Day".

The not-so-reverend bob visits the TEA Party Protest on "Tax Day".

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2 Responses to “The REV is invited to a TEA Party rally (VIDEO)”

  1. RWRamsey says:

    Toothpick to table, I liked that analogy. I also think a video posting is a nice change of pace. Good use of the available technology. Thanks for sharing, it is always a pleasure to read, or now, watch a thoughtful fellow “transitional fossil” in action.

  2. Jerry Clark says:

    I was very glad you took my invitation to investigate an actual Tea Party Event. I have viewed each of your 3 video expositions and I applaud you for your willingness to share it, Your editorial, with your intellectual bent, took Tea Party activities to what you conceived to be the next stage and that was violence because of your perceived heritage. Yet millions of folks have met across the country with no violence and with no proved racism or perceived discrimination. Yet, the first activity in Arizona with those opposing the new Arizona Law yielded violence. Where is your “intellectual honesty” for that event? Were they reacting on a “gut level” or were they the refined intellectual view that you support? When you call “heart felt belief” “gut” reaction rather than a well thought out position your are incorrect. We all believe certain things intellectually but from different views. Bob, you are a gifted artist, a representer of sophisticated thoughts in simple cartoons; why can you not attribute the same attributes to the Tea Party folks who have long been silent, living their lives and trying to be an “upstanding citizen”. They have deep intellectual views of what our country is, where it came from and how it developed. They have watched the original principals of the constitution being violated, altered, and changed and moved from a steadfast position to a viable, flexible, amorphous mass of non-belief. Why are they the ones that have a “gut” reaction? Why isn’t the “gut” reaction the one that is based on pure emotion of social justice rather than on equal justice. It is much harder to say that all are equal and demand that equality, than to give excuses to those who have historical reasons for failure. Whose view is emotional and whose is measured and intellectual?

    Thanks for attending our event!

    Best Regards,

    Jerry Clark