REVIEWS FROM THE REV: “The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution” by Richard Dawkins.

Actually, I’ve already reviewed this book on this blog.  But I felt it was time to read it again, and I’m glad I did.  I noticed so many things I don’t remember noticing the first time.  Plus, it was a nice reminder of how much I enjoy good old Richard Dawkins.  He gets so much criticism for being imperious, snobby and vicious.  Of course, he’s none of those things.  He simply lacks an empathetic patience for anyone who obstinately ignores actual evidence.  I kind of like that about him.

Regardless, this is a fine book for laying out just why Darwin’s theory of evolution is not simply a competing idea on the level of intelligent design (or Biblical creationism).  Dawkins confronts those folks head-on, and the book is packed with useful and accessible metaphors and descriptions about just how the natural world works, and how we can know what we know.

So pick this one up (I bought the hardcover to have around for re-readings just such as this).  It’s an entertaining, informative and mind-blowing read.

t.n.s.r. bob

The rev gives it four Dimetrodons out of four!

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