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The not-so-reverend bob and friends.

This blog is an outgrowth of a theatrical presentation I created for the celebration of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday in 2009.  But that show — “Happy Birthday Charles Darwin at the Church of Evolution with the not-so-reverend bob” — was the product of my own life experience that included 15 years as a born-again, holy-ghost filled evangelical Christian, a declension from that faith, then a gradual growth into my current understanding that was aided by my independent study of geology, natural selection, evolution and history.  I offer what insights I can as they are gleaned from my own passages, trials and triumphs with the understanding that my experiences –though not uncommon to my fellow hominins — may prove helpful to those of my species who are searching for ways to be happy in our brief time on earth, particularly living (as we do) in a world seemingly mad for irrational beliefs and dogmatic religion.  I’m very pro-human in that respect, and agree with those that view religion as more destructive than uplifting to the average person’s life.  I’ve come to understand that the more I know about my true place in the scheme of things (to the degree such can be comprehended by my mammalian brain) the better I treat myself and others, and the more I want my fellows to be free to become happy with who and what they are.

bob bless!

t.n.s.r. bob

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  1. Glenn McGrew says:

    I am really enjoying reading your material. After many years of questioning and struggle against my upbringing, I have finally reached peace with being an atheist.

  2. David Buse says:


    Your article in the paper today is absolutely exquisite. I couldn’t have agreed with you more, although this is the third time you hit the nail on the head. Please keep up the excellent articles for the Sun news as they are interesting and very thought provoking.

    David Buse

  3. You brightened my night, like that moon and planet behind me. I wish you all the dinosaur love in the world. Laughter, cynacism, joy, curiosity, cleverness, detail, beauty, wonder. Cindarella. Leaves turning yellow, falling, crashing to earth, wind sending them on their merry way.

    Question? Oh, no, I’ll just stay here in my narrow little box, happy in the knowledge that life goes on its merry way, just as it was, no evolution, no need to think any further than my Happy Meal and my Dr. Pepper and my Hummer. God given gifts. Fuck the future. I want to suck up all the gas now while I can. Fuck my grandchildren, man!

    Goddamn dinosaurs…who did they think they were anyway…planning for the future…what a stupid waste of time.

    Love ya, n.s.r.bob – you are SO the dude.

  4. doyler2d2 says:

    Enjoyed the SERMON: “My Shamanic Journey”. I remember as a kid in Ohio sitting infront of many a fire with friends. When I was older and at Kent State, I remember one fire where we having an “enhanced” experience, with much political discussion. Were we to be hunted for our ideas once Gov. Rhodes found out about us and how we so disagreed with the War in Vietnam and with the government on many other National issues? It was a very primative and fearful experience especially since this occured after the murder of my fellow students. That fearful experience however stood me in good stead when facing political challenges in my future. It has made it much easier to spot the Gov. Rhodes of this World. Sign me a fellow traveler. Richard Doyle

  5. Jana says:

    Your essays are very important to public discourse…..beautifully written, thought-provoking, informative, often humorous. Thank you.
    Recently seen bumper sticker: “Don’t get born again; try growing up first.”

  6. Earl Nissen says:

    Map of the mind – What evolutionary process brought about crying being tied to our emotions? Don’t we get the same physical action with cold wind blowing in our faces? When we say “welling up with tears” what neuronal process is working? It can’t be a process of grieving because winning a new Ferrari brings the same thing. Is it related to controlling the amygdala or not being able to control it? Do mother dogs cry when they loose a puppy? If not, what event in the fish to homo sapiens lineage left some type of genetic imprint in us different than the animal kingdom?
    As I watched Margie Huerta crying on Channel 7 the other day I almost felt ashamed that I have the same capability coming off of the same three pound organ. Of course I take comfort in knowing I have been in a 59 year marriage and she in having experienced a one month marriage representing that her limbic system has a different construct than mine.So by her TV crying and getting the response Poor Margie gives prominence to theorize that there are certainly different maps of the mind available that sperm and ova have to pick from when they unite to create a new one. Earl Nissen

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